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below is a sampling of some of recent work organized into three major categories

Bath Glass RenderWe created a whole series of renders for a glass fixture manufacturer to help showcase the available models and options. The bathroom here is one of 3 different 3D virtual sets that we created to showcase the glass doors, mirrors etc.

Strike-O-Meter prototypeThis prototype measures and records the force of a boxer's punch. We first designed the look of this wireless electronic item, created this mock ad to help showcase it to our clients buyers and then we produced the actual production files to have it created

photonia studio lightsThis design was created from scratch for a manufacturer who offers high-tech solutions to film studios. As far as we know, they are use in a studio near you... as long as you live in Europe

Soccer Game ScreenThis is one of a set of images for a mobile device soccer game. A couple of poses for each player were developed in order to give the game action some tactile qualities

Food PackageMost of the work on this design happened at the layout level but by placing that design on a couple of boxes in a 3D render it really helped to create a real-world feel for the product

Crash Test DummyThis character was created for a auto insurance company to use as their mascot. We still can't get him to do the cha-cha though

This banner video is the first thing a prospect sees when they visit this client's website. We also produced the narration for the video. There were a series of other images done in conjunction with this in order to build up a campaign like approach

This is one of a wide series of HD video clips we produced for a longer documentary type video.

We partnered with another graphic studio to be able to offer their established clientelle with some additional marketing resources. This was our promotional video. A graphics studio promoting another graphic studio... I know, weird right?

This one was so much fun... I can't believe I get paid to do this stuff!

This is a montage from another documentary short we created about the alien phenomenon. The narration and other audio elements were removed for this montage.

Once again a clip from a documentary short... this time discussing global challenges

Chiro Praise InfographicInfographics are such a great way to describe services and processes. They pack so much punch and they look so good... if you like teal

Do the Math Ad SeriesThis ad series was so much fun. Each ad featured a tongue-in-cheek way of presenting the serious subject of mathematics curricula.

Family Values PosterA family commissioned this poster design for their home. Each statement on the poster (which is longer than what is shown) finishes the headline, "WE".

Chris Hadfield T-ShirtCanadian astronaut Chris Hadfield approached us to create a series of designs for a T-shirt line. If you look real hard at this one, you can see his moustache... errr... or not.

Monster Kleen LogoWhat graphic design studio doesn't create logos? We chose to show this one because... well... it's just so darn fun looking

Planet Kids PostcardThis private school wanted to highlight their top-notch programs. We did so through a series of postcards for a direct mail campaign and through a series of magazine ads